Welcome to Israel – Puma!

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Time to welcome one of the coolest sport’s brand to Israel – Puma!

For a warm welcome in this cold weather I visited the company’s offices and showroom in Herzliya Pituach last week.

To get in the mood I tried on a purple top, grey sweatpants and colorful sneakers that I decided would come back home with me as I just couldn’t get this most  comfortable chic outfit off!

I was given the guided tour by Guy Daneman, who is the general manager of Puma Israel and definitely has some big plans for this brand here.

By 2014, they plan to open three concept stores in major shopping malls; the first one will be open in a few months in the Azrieli center in Tel Aviv.

In Israel Puma is one of the top three sports brands – alongside Nike and Adidas and that’s the reason why this international company decided that the activity here is large enough and therefore warrants self representation as opposed to being represented in Israel by a domestic agent.

The good news for fashion lovers is that Puma has joined forces with sister companies like Saint Laurent, Gucci, Sergio Rossi and Alexander McQueen and as I was fortunate enough to see the upcoming designs I would just say that I don’t think you will be disappointed!

I’m sorry I wasn’t able to post pics of these A-mazing designs but I wasn’t given permission to do so, and that’s why you need to trust me on this one and keep coming back here for some HOT updates.


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