‘Tre’sor’ – my 2nd wedding dress


It’s time to introduce you to my second wedding dress which like the first, was designed by Anaelle Levi. We chose to call this dress: ‘Treasure’, as the inspiration we had while we designed this dress was, the twenties, James Bond girls, Hollywood glamour and a treasure that was found deep in the ocean and spilled on the back of the dress.

The dress was made of white crepe and all the jewellery we assigned to it was mostly found in vintage markets around the world.

I felt sexy, unique and glamorous (and VERYcomfortable!)  in this dress and was so happy to see everybody wowing when I was stepping in to the room in my ‘Treasure’ after changing from the ‘Monaco’ dress.

These pics are from the wedding day and from a week later when my husband and I took our “couple pictures” in the woods.

Let me know what do you think :-)

Desses and sketches by Anaelle Levi

Pics by Liron Erel

Makeup by Asaf Babo

Hair and Make up for forest shoot Amit Ben Yakar 



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