Fall(?) collections


If Fall means to wear your boots once a month then I would say that fall has arrived in Tel Aviv.

The truth is that I always claimed here in Israel we never had a Fall or a Spring, and like everything else here the seasons come all in one day and take us by surprise. Soon (Im hoping) the winter will be here and the wind will blow, the rain will dance on the streets and we will be so shocked we will all run out to buy a pair of boots and a coat.

Now, if you know my fashion do’s and don’t’s you know that the first NO NO is never shop because you need, shop because you love! So this is why I’m presenting you with the essential items needed this season, because everyone loves a fall collection post.

The first item on my shopping list will be “the coat” as I hate to wear lots of clothes in cold days and always prefer to have a good coat to match any outfit I choose.

This season I discovered ALEMBIKA by Hagar Alembik coat collection and absolutely fell in love. The range, the colors, and the styles are endless and I totally have a “crush” on this orange wool coat which I found as an A-mazing investment piece to any wardrobe.

The second must is either the short wool dress or the super cool checked cape by Xsara I couldn’t resist the guilty pleasure and got them both.

The third store which I love to shop in for a twist amongst my other clothes is Forever 21. The style is so up to date with the trends and you can always find some sassy items which add flare to the serious winter feel. Check out the $ print top or the fab Micky mouse collection they have launched this season.

The forth selection will surprise you if you know me… Yes, yes we got to the denim part. So, I would say that usually I don’t wear jeans quite often, but it’s mostly because I don’t find denim that I love in a reasonable price. I think it’s also because I love a classy woman look which is mostly dresses and skirts, in my opinion. The one pair of jeans which I kind of got addicted to lately is the J28 ARMANI jeans. They are so comfortable and flattering that I wouldn’t take them off the entire weekend!

The last review is def my favorite! You all know that I’m addicted to shoes but these RALPH LAUREN riding boots were love at first sight! I definitely rate them as the essential building blocks of your winter wardrobe, and I’m sure you are all going to agree!

So keep calm, keep warm and stay cool. Oh, and don’t forget to practice the rain dance in case it decides to come sooner rather then later!





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