Fantasia becomes reality at the Herods !

Every little girl dreams of becoming a princess when they grow up. I always believed I was one already, so when the day came to become a Mrs I imagined becoming a queen.
I woke up on my wedding day, packed 3 wedding dresses, a lot of shoes and a suitcase (ok, ok it was a huge one!) and walked my ‘bride parade’ to the Herods hotel.
It’s a five minute walk from my place, but in this short time everyone on the street was so excited to see a bride to be. They honked horns, whistled, and wished me Mazal Tov. At this point I was getting very excited and it felt like a dream. What I didn’t know is that Herods Hotel had  planned for me a day fit for a queen and had upgraded me to the majestic Dizengoff Presidential Suite….. Ohhhhhhhh, Heaven!!
Now, close your eyes and imagine a truly magical and stunning room spread across 230 square meters, located on the 18th floor with a breathtaking view of the sea from any direction! This also included a private fitness room, Sauna, kitchen, dining room, living room, WALK IN CLOSET 😉 , a fully stocked bar with every drink you could think of, plush bath robes, luxurious bath products and lots of champaign!

Now, open your eyes  and realize that was my reality for my wedding day!!
I have been in a lot of 5 star hotels in my lifetime, but there are 5 star luxury hotels and then there is the Herod’s Dizengoff Presidential Suite. So, after I pinched myself I decided that I should celebrate my great luck. I called my bridesmaids and asked them to join me to have some fun times in the dream suite.
The pics are here to prove this was a once in a life time memorable luxury experience which I wish for everyone to have!
Stay tuned for more wedding posts. In the meantime I’ll give you a sneak peek to one of my wedding dresses (designed by Anaelle Levi).
Pics by Liron Erel
Makeup by Asaf Babo
Hair by Liraz Agam
Shorts by Nedunya
Bride & Bridesmaids tops by Ya Salam
20131112-003907.jpg 20131111-191510.jpg 20131111-191502.jpg 20131111-191457.jpg 20131111-191434.jpg 20131111-191358.jpg 20131111-191342.jpg 20131111-191450.jpg 20131111-192552.jpg

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