Fashion night out!


Last Thursday I took part in this cool project; a photo shoot for the most happening event which will take place this week …TLV Fashion Night Out!

7 other bloggers and moi were running around looking for the right outfit for this event and taking pics of every look we put together in each store in Kikar Hamedina.

I can tell you one thing; this is how it feels when they say: Shop until you drop!

I started in Burberry and was trying on this “All BRIT girl” look which I absolutely loved!

The next look was by Jil Sander which I picked up at a FAB store called Tactic, and included a white skirt suit, black top and black shoes. This outfit was so me and I couldn’t take it off!

The Jack Kuba store was all about the lingerie and my friends and I felt like we were kids in a candy shop, and just couldn’t stop playing!

The store next door was even “worse”, Pandora jewelry is every girls dream and I totally have a crush on my new bracelet!

At the end of the day we arrived at Gant, We were so happy and tired! We did the “Young and the Restless” shoot with a classic outfit and a classic crystal whisky bottle.

Just so you know:

Fashion’s Night Out is a global initiative which means celebration of fashion, design and culture. The first event began in 2009, it was held in New York. The event has expanded to 16 countries since 2010.

Tel Aviv will celebrate her second Fashion night out this Thursday (24.10.13) at Kikar Hamedina.

The boutiques will be designed specifically for the occasion , with a spectacular showcase , red carpets , bars and music. Each boutique will hold Happening and unique pieces with models, music and of course champagne.

Zemack Gallery (68 Hey Be’eyar St. Kikar Ha’medina) will show Eran Shakin’s exhibition which includes 10 pairs of stilettos cast in bronze, alongside an exhibition of paintings from his book “sunny-side up”. There are sketches of well-known fashion designers such as Yves Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, Marc J. Jacobs, Alber Elbaz and others, wearing their creations and painted in a humorous and unique way.

All information about the event can be found at:

Pics by Zohar Shitrit











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