HoF13 | Holon Fashion Week


This week, the City of Holon will be holding an international fashion event for the sixth year in a row as part of its vision to become an international centre for design.

Holon Fashion Week is returning under the title: “Materials of Fashion”.

This includes an international conference attended by fashion designers , representatives of international companies, discussion panels and lectures given by prominent lecturers. There will also be two unique pop-up spaces, fashion installations, and a special film program.

A diverse variety of innovative technologies will be presented during Holon Fashion Week that enable independent designers and fashion companies to change the rules of the game. Also included are workshops, and master classes with international guests.

Holon Fashion Week will revolve around two main trends; attitude to materials in contemporary fashion and a return to handcrafting in contrast with adopting advanced technologies. These were foreign to the fashion world and now provide fashion designers with tools that brings design in to a totally different light . The unique combination of these two worlds paves a new way for the fashion industry in the future. This new craft is a hybrid of traditional thinking and technology, including laser cutting, high resolution 3D, digital printing and smart materials along with their applications in the fashion world.

The guest of honor this year will be Stephen Jones, The famous milliner from London. Jones is the one who made the rock stars and the royalty family members “Leave their hat ON”.

It all started in 1980 in a small millinery salon in the heart of London’s Covent Garden, he made hats from materials that were often radical, and designs that ranged from refined to whimsical.

His exquisitely crafted hats encapsulated the fashion mood of the moment making him a name to remember.

The exhibition “Stephen Jones. Head Sculpture”, will be launched at the design lab in the design museum in Holon. For this unique exhibition, legendary milliner Stephen Jones has chosen 20 special hats from different periods of his career, hats that share sculptural qualities as the building they are presented in and moi can’t wait to see them all!

I’m even more excited to meet Mr. Jones tomorrow night at the Gala event for HoF 13 as well as the other international guests (specially Robb Young, a fashion  journalist  that I met last year when we hosted the top international fashion bloggers in Tel Aviv), as the Gala event will include an Israeli Fashion Award ceremony and an Opening hats party!

For this special occasion I will wear a very special hat made by the A-mazing Tami Bar Lev and a dress by the FAB Anaelle Levi.

Stay tuned for all the updates and pics!



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