Ya Salam by Fashion Forward


I’m very excited as last week a new artticle about my closet been published in one of the BEST and most popular fashion sites in Israel –Fashion Forward .
As you know it’s not the first time something like this happened, but as always I believe that you, my readers and moi, have a relationship based on honesty and therefore I have to say I was so glad and felt very blessed to get so many emails and nice comments about it. Of course there are always some barbed comments about my style or the way I talk, but moi being moi, I try as hard as I can to believe that maybe I can find something positive about these comments as well. I can’t be perceived by everyone in a good light, but… if everyone loved what I did this would surely mean I’m doing something wrong!
Hope you will like it. Wishing you a great week and hope to be here again as soon as possible as my wedding is about to happen in 3.5 weeks!


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