A luxurious pause


Please don’t get me wrong I’m not even close to complaining about my life or about the tempo I’m living it. And yes it’s a lot of fun to cover fashion events and to get free items, but its also a lot of work that requires a lot of energy and sometimes it’s even hectic.

That’s why from time to time I put everything on pause for a day, and just relax.

Last week the pause took place in the Mamilla hotel in Jerusalem and I promised my self that from now on this will become my habit!

I woke up on Thursday morning, packed a ‘small’ bag ( ok it was huge!) and got into the new A-class Mercedes – Benz which I was given for the day.

When I drove with my BFF to Jerusalem I decided that this A class is like the ultimate catch. Good looking or even head-turning, sporty, elegant, brilliantly solid and makes you feel like you are isolated from the outside world when you are together.

Thanks to the A- class we got to the beautiful Mamilla hotel (which is located in the heart of Jerusalem) really quickly and right on time for my special treatment in Akasha, the Holistic Wellbeing Center in the hotel.

Usually I’m good with words but this Spa stunned me! After all how would you describe a magic that is reflected in every element: from the music to the aroma, the light, and most of all the treatments.

I started in the hammam and then tried their new signature treatment which was amongst my most pleasurable recent experiences. Lunch and a short nap in the intimate, sophisticated and contemporary designed hotel room which they provided me with (the exquisite design was done by, Piero Lissoni) made me realize that you can never be too spoiled or relaxed, and all the way back to Tel Aviv I was driving in my smoking hot A-class smiling for so many reasons…



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