Blossom time 2013

I once met an old man that claimed he has super powers.
He said that Red and Pink are my colors, and every time I’ll wear these colors I will have a great day.
Last night I couldn’t fall a sleep easily and that’s why this morning I was very tired. However it looked like its gonna be a wonderful day, and I thought to my self that’s its time for my colors to do the magic trick and to fill me with some good and fresh energies.
The ‘Blossom’ dress was a good start, and together with the Red shoes it looked like the right combo, as I thought it might be a bit cold, I pulled my white poncho as a warm and smart addition to this red and pink outfit.
I’m not really sure if it was the red, the pink or the cape that made me feel like a super girl today, but who really cares…


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