I’m a big fan of “Ishtar” by Tamar Primak, and that’s why although I was so tired on Monday morning I forced my self to wake up early and to cycle to MITCHAM HA TACHANA, where the TlV FW took place.
I have to be honest and to say that I prepared some optional outfits for the FW but didn’t wear any of them, as I love to dress by my mood, and how the hell can you predict your mood?!
 I had like 5 minutes to be ready and had no idea what to wear, I was about to say (or scream) ‘I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR’ but than I saw my perfect shiny jacket.
OK with this BLING BLING item I need something casual, denim shorts and a beige Ya Salam T that says: HOLY CHIC will do the job I thought, to all that I added my sparkly sandals and grey leggings, and TA DAH, we have a cool outfit.
The Ishtar fashion show: “Mosaic” was A-mazing, I loved the local Israeli feel that the collection had and could see myself wearing almost all the collection in the day time with cool flat shoes and to a more sophisticated event with sexy heels – well done Tamar!

Jacket: A-hava la-shniya – Vintage store on rashi st.
T shirt: Ya Salam collection (contact us to get it)


Tamar and I

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