Congeniality is my middle name – fuck bitterness

Be ridiculous – Fuck serious
Love your friends – Fuck your enemies
Go with your passion – Fuck abstinence
Be optimistic – Fuck rational
Love with ALL your heart – Fuck vulnerability
Be yourself – Fuck what others think
Drink a lot – Fuck sober
Don’t wear a bra – Fuck gravity
Buy designer shoes – Fuck overdraft
Embrace Sisterhood – Fuck catfight
Travel – Fuck saving
Dress to impress – Fuck limits
Learn from mistakes – Fuck regret
Dream big – Fuck being polish
Be smart and beautiful – Fuck Stereotype
Forgive and forget – Fuck with being proud
Take chances – Fuck discouragement
Be confident – Fuck insecurity
Propose to your girlfriend- Fuck Commitment issue

Follow your dreams – Fuck conformity

Do it now – Fuck tomorrow


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