If u dont have diamonds – heels will be your BEST FRIEND


Living in Israel is the best things I could ask for. but what can I do with the fact that in Tel – Aviv the beaches are amazing and the cafes and bars are the best, which make you want to work as little as possible and have fun as much as possible (meaning: working 4 days a week and making just OK money)… That’s probably why I have to settle for high heels, which I love so much, to be my best friends instead of diamonds.

And if I have to be honest, I’ll say that even if I’ll pick a few diamonds in the future I’m not giving up on heels – I just can’t (!)
That’s the reason why last weekend, despite the terrible back pain I was suffering of which made me lie on the floor and do bizarre stretching exercises while I was trying to convince myself that this Thursday night I would wear flat shoes… I decided to take the risk and wear heels, because it’s just not the same without it…
Ok now it’s time to admit:  Unfortunately the selection of beautiful shoes in Israel is very limited and the nice ones are verrrrrrrry expensive!
So, because I’m here for you, I found you girls AMAZING stores that carry gorgeous designer shoes for reasonable prices.
The first one and my favorite is a place call: PLUSIT, the owner is a very stylish woman call DAFNA HALPERIN and she always selects her collection very carefully and making sure that every item in the store will be saying: CHICK BABY! I found this sexy and comfortable pair of black Shiny shoes that I just loved, but it’s really wasn’t easy to decide which candy I’m buying and which one will stay in PLUSIT.
54 Hey be iyar st. kikar hamedina.
Second store is “Boutique hamartef” which is a store located on king George st. and carry designers cloth and shoes stocks from Previous Seasons, there I found amazing “Giuseppe Zanotti ” sandals with Small Eiffel Tower… just pure JULI!
Second pair I loved is by “LANVIN” and it’s those shoes people will tell you that you don’t need a lot of clothes to were with (if any…)
The last store is She’s on sheinkin st. I have to say that I don’t shop there a lot but from time to time I stop and take a look, last time I did it (this Thursday) I found a gorgeous Italian made black and dark silver heels which look like my PRADA heels. The good thing is that I got this Italians on sale for 250 shekels ONLY!!!
So girls enjoy your shoe shopping and I REALLY hope these pictures will be aninspiration for you!!!
FALL 2011 here I come and I’m wearing fuc!@#$ing HOT SHOES!!!!

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