SAGAPO* Greek islands

♪ ♪  paradise – coldplay ♪ ♪

Ok I’m telling you guys- go and book your ticket to the Greek islands A.S.A.P – it’s Unbelievable paradise!!!
I started my trip in RAFINA – its bored and boring port in Athens, but it’s a good place for two things: to take a boat to MYKONOS and to meet some hot guys (Not necessarily in that order)… because it was the start of the trip my friend and I were still shy so when we saw the first hot guy, we just took his picture (without telling him) but didn’t have the guts to talk to him and ask him what’s his name, so since then (and forever in fact) we named him DOLPHIN – our Dolphin.

our sweet Dolphin – welcome to rafina baby!
After we both ask ourselves if we gonna move to Rafina for him, we decided to continue to our first destination which was: MYKONOS, as we assumed that Greece might have more hot guys to offer (and we were right as we never been before!).

Rafina port

All aboard the boat to Mykonos!!! (Also korin- the queen of seasickness…)
Oh Mikonos Mikonos- everything can happened there, even fall in love with gay guys and dancing on the stage in a gay party – what can i tell u, just a typical – classic vacation…
let me tell u just this, before I’m telling you how wonderful is Mikonos- u need a pocket full of money (or try to do what I did which is telling dad that a good vacation will heal my broken heart – see first post).

mykonos town
Anyway if you got the money let me tell you how to spend it the best way:

Where to sleep ?

the most amazing hotel in the island is – Royal Myconian!!! it is located on Elia beach (which is an amazing beach) and more words are not necessary, just take a look:

oh! make sure to book your room before you going (Especially during July and August) and always ask for the special price!

I attached a link for your convenience:

if you looking for something less luxurious and more Boutique you can go to Arte & Mare Elia Suites, it’s a very nice and relaxing hotel with the best staff you will EVER meet (DORA, MARY and GEORGE will be there for you and always with a great smile).

I attached a link for your convenience:
Where to eat?
If you know me, you will know that eating it’s my second favorite thing (the first one is drinking of course). Ok so the first restaurant that i will recommend you to go to is the wonderful GOLA you going to find there: “simplicity and truth, as well as good taste and Mediterranean temperament lounge atmosphere, and belief that the small …things are what life is all about.”
I will also recommend on Royal Myconian restaurant and Interni.
Where to drink and party?
Now with a full stomach let the fun begin with some drinks at the Scandinavian bar in Mykonos town, and around two o’clock after you saw some hot guys you can go to “CAVO PARADISO” the known club in the island.
More fun things
So like I said the Nicest beach is Elia its cool and very happening spot.
There is also a gay beach there which is lots of fun as well.
You should also go to the wind Mills, have coffee (or beer) around there, and get lost in the alleys in Mykonos town
And if you suffer from seasickness (LIKE ME!) go buy some travel gum because tomorrow we go on a boat to Paros, Antiparos and Santorini baby!!!
Sagapo guys- be GOOD!!



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