last memories from summer 2011 …

I had an amazing summer, not perfect but amazing. I laughed, I cried, I drank (a lot) and sometimes I got what I wanted and not what I needed.
I started the summer on a trip to London for the royal wedding. perfumed with romance I returned to Tel Aviv, with a feeling I want to love this summer, but just chose to love others and sometimes I forgot to love myself …
It was all right because i saw what happened, and in my way and in my time, i fixed it and chose to love myself, my dear family, friends, Paris and the hot toys – oops- boys in Greece.
The other thing I realized is that if your friend or lover is not there for you and doesnt allows you to be yourself, sometimes you can chose to remember him as someone you loved and Continue going on your on way, because life is a voyage and the view is AMAZING…
Natural hair Rules!

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