Ya Salam – I’ll tell you why

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Hey everybody, I’m so excited to start my new blog!!
My name is korin. I’m 31 years old and live in Tel Aviv.
It’s been a long time since I decided I’m going to start a blog about my passions which are fashion, good food, traveling, relationships and some other fun and good things.
So I had a million excuses for not starting this blog, but something hit me two months ago and I said  fuc!@#$ it, I’m starting my blog and I will call it “YA SALAM”!!
So you are probably wondering what happened and why Ya Salam?
So it was the beginning of the Tel Aviv summer and I was going out with friends to a bar on Thursday night. This is where I met a tall and mysterious stranger that I ended up dating for about two months and just when I felt like I’m starting to fall in love with him, he told me (on the phone!) that he can’t give me more loveeeeee. I met him two nights later to say good bye and didn’t forget to wear my “break- up dress” which is an orange Versace mini dress that screams: You are going to regret it mister!!!
I was sitting there listening to him saying “It’s not you, It’s me”, meaning: It’s summer in TLV and I want to go out and meet 10 girls a night. I thought to my self every girl needs to have her screaming break up dress, It’s just so much better when you know it’s over but like to watch him and all the other guys and girls say she will get a better one for sure!
So that thought made me think, you know what? I’m starting my blog!
The second thought was: What will I call it?
I was thinking I want the name to reflect me… and a second later I experienced a colorful flashback of me as a four years old girl standing in my bedroom the night of my kindergarten graduation party. I was telling my mom that I’m not going to wear the dress and the Sandals she gave me and if she wanted me to go to the party she better get me the linen overall and my burgundy polish shoes because that was the outfit I felt like wearing!!! She tried telling me she doesn’t know where she put the overall and asked me to wear the other outfit and go to the party on time without making my entire family wait for me. I apologized and just said that the faster she will get me my outfit the faster we will all go. She left the room and came back with my outfit and after I put it on she said “ok korin, now can we go?” I looked at all of my family members and saw that all of them were upset. I thought to my self: There is no way we are leaving to a party with this attitude. So I did my pose and said “now everybody say: YA SALAM!!” I will just explain that Ya Salam means “WOW” in arabic and its a term that my dear amazing dad would say whenever I would wear something nice or say something smart.
So that’s it- they were all laughing, said YA SALAM and we all had a great night.
So that’s what I want my blog to be about: A good attitude is the first thing you have to wear no matter where you go, who you go with and what you wear!!!!
So in this blog I will tell you where to shop in Tel Aviv and some other places in the world, I will give you the names of the best bars and restaurants I have been to, I will write about my vacations and my experiences with relationships, friends, men and also about other cool stuff- really hope you will enjoy it, I know I will!
Spread the love guys,
xoxo korina


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